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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a Minimum night stay?  

Multiple night stays are required to make a reservation.  A 3 night minimum is required and a discount is offered for 4 or more nights. 

How much do your cabins cost?  Rates vary depending on the cabin, location to the lake, size of cabin, and number of guests in the cabin.  Posted rates are based on 2 guests per cabin. If the cabin can accommodate more than 2, an additional nightly charge is added.  Please see the rates page for current season rental rates.  


What are the check in and check out times?

Check in time on the day of your arrival begins at 4:00 p.m.

Check out time on the day of your departure is 10:00 a.m.

Are the cabin's heated or have air-conditioning? 

Cabins are cooled by the breezes off Lake Superior.  There are no air conditioners in the cabins.  Floor fans or window fans are available in each cabin to help with airflow. For the few humid days we get at the lake shore, leaving the shades drawn if you go exploring for the day will help keep the cabin nice and cool for your return.   All cabins have their own thermostats and wall heaters.  Propane is used at the resort for the heaters and appliances (much like natural gas).

Do you have fireplaces in the cabins? 

The lakeshore cabins #1 & #2 do have original stone fireplaces. The winds off Lake Superior make fires in the cabin fireplace a challenge and often smoke back so caution is advised.  The stone fireplace chimneys are open with no damper. Firelogs (Duraflame, etc.) work great for a little ambiance and less smoke!  

What are the kitchens stocked with? 

Each kitchen includes a gas stove with oven, microwave, full-size refrigerator, & sink (sorry, no dishwasher).  The Kitchen cupboards are stocked with dishes, pots, pans, silverware, glassware, and utensils. A two bedroom cabin has place settings for 4, efficiency and one bedroom cabins have place settings for 2.  An automatic drip coffee maker (Mr. Coffee) and toaster can be found on the countertop or in the cupboards. 

Do cabins have indoor plumbing? 

Yes!  Each bathroom has a sink, stool, and stand up shower (with the exception of Cabin #9 which has a bathtub/shower combo).  A bathmat is provided for your use as shower doors often drain water onto the floor when opened. The bathrooms are small and several have the hot water heater in the corner as well.  

What are some items I might want to bring? 

Guests should bring their own linens (towels & sheets). Don’t forget towels such as beach towels, bath towels, kitchen towels as none are provided in the cabins. Guests are also asked to bring and use their own linens on the beds.  Bed sizes are included on your confirmation letter.  If you plan to BBQ, please remember to bring your own charcoal and lighter fluid.  Don’t forget your favorite type of coffee for the coffee makers and paper products such as paper towels and napkins which are not supplied in the cabins. Many customers also prefer to bring their own folding chairs to sit by the fire or carry closer to the lakeshore to enjoy sitting by the water and listening to the waves of Lake Superior. 

Guests are asked to bring their own linens (bed sheets, blankets, etc.). You may request to utilize resort bedding for an extra $45 charge per bed to cover cost of the linen company laundry fees (sheets, blanket, comforter & sham). There are no laundromat facilities at the resort or in Paradise.  The nearest laundromat is in Brimley or Newberry.

Should we bring our own wood? 

According to the state of Michigan, you are not permitted to transport wood from downstate Michigan or any other state into the Upper Peninsula. Wood for bonfires is available at several locations around Paradise and at the resort.  To purchase wood at the resort, a self serve rack is located near the recycling area and a wheelbarrow can be used to load the wood and transport it right to your firepit.  If you are staying in one of the lakeshore cabins with the stone fireplace inside, artificial firelogs work great for a little ambiance.    

Can we pitch a tent?

No tents, screen tents, or awnings are allowed to be set up on the grounds of Paradise Shores Cabins.  Please see Property Grounds info on the policy page.

What amenities are available at the resort?  In addition to a fully equipped kitchen, each cabin has its own firepit, chairs, picnic table, and BBQ grill.  There are 20 steps down to a sandy berm landing on Lake Superior.  For those wishing to swim in the lake, there is a 3 step accommodation ladder off the north end of the berm.  You will step either directly into the waves or onto sand depending on the lake shore levels which vary considerably throughout the year.  Sometimes the water is a foot deep, and sometimes you can step onto the sand and walk north along the beach on the lake shore.  For the safety of all our guests, please no climbing or sitting on the fence or the rocks that line the shoreline and beach. Please do not let children climb or play on the side hills leading down to the lake.  We have struggled with erosion with the high waters and rough storms of Lake Superior and anyone seen climbing on the fence or side hill will be asked to stop immediately to help prevent further erosion of the sandy soil.

What do we do when we arrive?

Guest check in begins after 4 p.m.  Early check ins are not allowed. Your cabin will be ready for your arrival at 4 p.m. or later.  The office is located in the middle of the resort and you are always welcome to stop in.  We're happy to share sight seeing suggestions, give you a few tips about your cabin, and answer any questions you may have.  Feel free to let us know if you'll be arriving after dark and we'll leave your porch light on for you to easily find your cabin.

What should we do on a rainy day?  

Each cabin has a few family fun games for your enjoyment if the weather isn't cooperating to be outside.  Paradise Resort subscribes to DirectTV. Games like Trivial pursuit, cards, cribbage boards, spoons, boggle, Jenga, Chinese Checkers, Mousetrap, & more are distributed throughout the cabins. There are plenty of indoor attractions nearby as well if you venture out to explore, just ask the office for recommendations, and don't forget to look for the rainbow over Lake Superior after the rain!

Are there roasting forks or should I whittle a stick for marshmallows? 

Smore’s are highly encouraged!  Roasting sticks are hanging behind the door in each cabin.  They are most likely tucked behind the front door where the broom hangs.

Should we sort recyclables? 

Yes!  There are three red plastic bins on the premises near the main office where recyclables should be disposed of. There is a separate bin for aluminum cans, glass, and another for plastics.  Disposing of recyclables into these bins will help the sorting process for Michigan recycling.  Please do not throw aluminum cans, bottles, or bottle caps into your bonfire, they will not burn!

Do you ever have power outages in the Upper Peninsula?

The Upper Peninsula often experiences its share of power outages.  Sometimes it’s just for a few minutes, sometimes a few hours!  When the power goes out, unfortunately, so does the electricity to our water pumps, thus you will not have water until the power is restored.  (There's always water in Lake Superior!) We do have battery operated lamps in the event of an extended power outage.  Please contact the office if necessary.


Are appliances electric or gas? 

Appliances run off propane gas and each have pilot flames.  The Pilots in the appliances (stove, oven, hot water heater, furnace) occasionally do go out with high winds off of Lake Superior. Please call the office (and leave a message if necessary) and we will do what we can to relight the pilots as quickly as we can if your pilot flame went out.


I hear my furnace motor running in the summer, is this normal?

Each cabin is heated with a propane furnace.  Pilots remain on, even during the warm summer season and will emit a small amount of radiant heat as a result.  Please do not adjust or attempt to turn off the pilot lights on the furnaces or appliances.  The opening for propane for the pilot will become plugged if we do not continue the flow of propane constantly.  If the gas of the heater is found to be turned off, an automatic $300 charge will be applied to the card on file.  Any repair charges that result from customers trying to adjust the mechanicals of an appliance will also be charged to the customer. Thank you for your cooperation.

Is there a laundromat facility nearby? 

Newberry or Brimley (45 mins away) are the closest towns with a laundromat.  If you take advantage of swimming in beautiful Lake Superior, you may want a clothesline for drying your towels outside. If you do not have one outside your cabin, stop by the office and pick one up to hang between a couple of trees out of the way of any children or tall adults.

Are you open year round? Paradise Shores Cabins is open year round.  Peak summer season is June, July, & August.  Fall is a great time to visit Paradise in September and the first few weeks of October bring prime fall colors. When the snow flies Paradise Shores is a great place to stay in a cozy cabin so come to Paradise to cross country ski, snow shoe, and play in Mother Nature's abundance of lake effect snow.  

What if we have questions while we are at the resort?  The office is most likely open while you are at the resort.  The most effective way to reach us is to give us a call at the main resort # (906) 492-3320 and leave a message.  If it's something we can help with immediately we will be right over or give you a call back to help resolve the issue.

What are the check-out procedures?

Once you are packed up and ready to go, here is a quick check list to review upon your departure: 

Empty the refrigerator and freezer of all food and drinks.

* Please wash and return dried dishes to the cupboards.

* Trash should be transported to the large aluminum trashcan outside your cabin or to the trash containers next to the recyclables.

* Please drop off recyclables in the red cans close to the wood rack. 

Don't forget to check the shower for your toiletries. 

* Please hang the shower rug on a towel bar to dry.

* Please spray down and wipe any commonly touched surfaces with disinfecting cleaner (provided for your convenience). 

* When you depart, the key can be left in the cabin on the table and the cabin can be left unlocked or drop the key off in the office on your way out.


We hope to see you back again soon!

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