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COVID Policy for Paradise Shores Cabins

 Paradise Shores Cabins wishes you a safe & healthy stay.  ​

  • Paradise Shores check in and check out details are included in the confirmation letter you receive after your reservation is made.

  • Two bedroom cabins are limited to a max of 4 guests.  

  • Names of each and every guest will be required to be on file with the office.

  • NO VISITORS will be allowed on the premises other than registered guests.

  • Unauthorized individuals will be asked to leave the resort immediately.

  • Two bedroom cabins are stocked with dishes, silverware & glassware with place settings for 4; One bedroom and efficiency cabins are stocked with place settings for 2. A limited number of pots, pans, & utensils can be found in the drawers and cupboards.  

  • Remember to pack and bring your own towels:  Bath towels, Kitchen towels, beach towels, and paper towels.

  • Guests will need to bring their own linens and blankets.  Bed sizes will be included on the confirmation letter.

  • ​Guests are asked to perform a light cleaning of their cabin upon their departure to disinfect commonly touched surfaces in the cabins

    • ​​A spray bottle of cleaner will be provided; guests are welcome to bring their preferred cleaning product if desired.

      • On the day of check out, dishes should be washed thoroughly and either left in the dish drainer or completely re-dried before being replaced in the cupboards.

        • Please wash dishes with the provided Dawn dish soap, or bring your preferred brand.

        • A restaurant grade sanitizing solution is available for dishes if needed.

        • Please wipe down commonly touched surfaces such as tables, countertops sinks, handles, etc. with disinfectant when departing and checking out.

  • Keys can be left on the table of the cabin when you depart and the cabin left unlocked.  We hope you enjoyed your stay!

We hope you have a healthy & happy stay at Paradise Shores Cabins enjoying the beautiful nature and outdoors of the U.P. !     The Ricci's    

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